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Playa del Carmen: Mexican Dining Experience

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18+

The Dining Experience: Forget Everything You Know About Going to Dinner!

We theme our experiences around the country it’s situated in and lead you on a gastronomic journey showcasing the best flavors of the area, whilst passionate guides promote social interaction, entertainment, and FUN! Experience the unique prehispanic flavors of the Yucatan. Our chef has blended traditional and modern cooking techniques to create a tasting menu that deliciously highlights both Mexican classics and local delicacies, allowing you to taste flavors that have been enjoyed by the region’s inhabitants for thousands of years.

Wash these down with our unique set of cocktails based around the staple spirits of Mexico, and enjoy a one of a kind evening with new friends. Eat, drink, meet new friends, and most importantly, have fun! Our communal dining table seats up to 21 guests and makes meeting fellow travelers easy. The intimate setting allows for easy interaction and free-flowing conversations with plenty of laughter from the moment you arrive. We look forward to spoiling you!

Begin the evening by trying your hand at making one of our unique tropical cocktails in our introductory cocktail class and enjoy free-flowing refills. If cocktails are not your thing then we also offer local beer so you can sit back, and not have to worry about an ever-increasing bar tab, it’s all included in the price! Mexico is famous for its food and our set menu is designed to show off that Mexico is way more than just fajitas and burritos! Don’t worry if you have special dietary requirements, as long as we know in advance we can make sure you have delicious replacements!

So what are you waiting for? Book yourselves in and take part in Playa del Carmen’s most interactive dining experience